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Boys Basketball: NS 59, Rockwood 44

In Boswell, Drew Lane topped all scorers with 22 points, while pulling down his 500th career rebound, as North Star defeated Rockwood 59-44 in WestPAC boys basketball, Tuesday.

Lion of the Month for February

Eli Volk is the Boswell Lions senior of the month for February.

Volk is the son of Kevin and Kendra Volk, Boswell.

He is in the honors course at North Star High School. He participates in weightlifting.

Volk works at Krause’s

Honor Roll

North Star 12th grade honor roll

North Star High School 12th grade students listed on the Semester 1 honor roll are: 12th grade Honor Roll Semester 1: Maria Barnick, Hunter Berkey*, Jesse Connelly*, Zoe Dean-Neil*, Shiloh Eagleson, Stephaney Emert, David Griffith, Alyssa Hemminger, Laura Hileman, Alec Hoffman*, Johnathan Jackson, Hannah Lasky, Nadine Lord, Lily Matse, Alexis Mish*, Shane Pavlik, Nathan Pelesky, Bryce Salyers*, Jasmine Schaad, Alexis Scott*, Elijah Volk*, Kalese Whipkey* * Denotes Straight A’s

Rifle: NS 1,341, Shanksville 1,167

North Star outgunned Shanksville 1,341-1,167 in a varsity rifle match, Tuesday. North Star (9-1) top five: Elissa Barron 281, Zachary Tedrow 268, Nicole Rininger 267, Kyle Price 264, Hunter Snoeberger 261. Shanksville top five: Hunter Kimmel 249, Emily Daniels 244, Annalina Brant 240, Bailey Kimmel 218, Owen Boozer 216.
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