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Lesson Plans:

Foundations of Reading
The Foundations of Reading class uses the READ 180 curriculum.  This class consists of Whole-Group Instruction, Small-Group Instruction, READ 180 Instructional Software, and Independent Reading.  Students will not be given homework but are expected to complete daily assignments as instructed.  This program allows students to work on their Instructional level based on a Reading Inventory test they completed early in the year.  Students will be tested throughout the year to measure progress and increase the complexity of material as needed.
Study Skills Class
This course is designed to improve student performance by teaching students tips and strategies to save time, reduce homework stress, and build confidence.  The SOAR curriculum consists of specific, core strategies that have been broken down into four principles: Set goals, Organize, Ask questions, Record your progress.  These core strategies cover the most fundamental skills for school success and interrelate with one another, making it easy for students to learn and use them immediately.  
Instructional Support Class
The Instructional Support class gives students an opportunity for additional repetition and review of material.  Students can use this time to complete tests when extra time is needed.  This time can be used for progress monitoring for their Individualized Education Plan.  This is a graded course, worth one credit.