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Career and Consumer Education
     -Students will explore career options (Salary, Location, Benefits)
     -Students will learn about paycheck deductions (FICA, Medical, Healthcare)
     -Students will create a cumulative project on all discovery to present to class
Introduction to Computers
     - This a Freshman Class
     - Students will learn the basic computer functions that our used throughout the High School
Personal Finance
     - This is class is designed to work with students and budgeting
     - Students will complete a Dave Ramsey Training
     - Students will be given real world situations to work through
Microsoft Excel
     - Students will use math and other functions to learn the professional level of Excel
     - Students will work on a budget/payroll
     - Students will be working in the Autodesk 2019 Suite
     - Students will learn basic drawing skills in the AutoCAD program
     - Students will draw in the 2D along with the 3D Modeling