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Virtual Learning

As we learn virtually, our assignments will be posted on Google classroom each week. If you have unreliable internet, or would prefer a paper copy - one can be picked up weekly at the high school. Please return completed work by submitting via Google classroom (classwork tab) or the completed paper copy to the high school. I am so proud of you all as we work through this challenging and new method of learning! I can't wait to be back in the classroom with you learning again! 
Other contact info: 
instagram: @senorastuder
Weeks 1 & 2: Spanish choice board 
Week 3: La Criatura/Ratones en mi Casa - short story & activities
Week 4: Cultural week - Semana Santa (Have a great holiday!)
All classes: activities posted on google classroom (classwork tab)
Week 5: Diego y sus amigos Leveled Readings
Week 6-8: Spanish speaking Country Cultural Project
Week 9: Música Week
Week 10: Liam, el extraterrestre
**If students had 3 LMA Passes earned throughout the year, they do NOT have to complete this assignment. If any questions, please email about your status.